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Month: January 2019

Chicken Little

We’ve nicknamed our smoke detector Chicken Little. It panics if we even think about turning on the stove in the Airstream. This morning Ric grabbed my polka dot shower shower cap and voila. Like throwing a sheet over a parrot cage. Just have to remember to take it off, said Ric. I will definitely see that.

Dad and God

My 87 year old father just laid out his iron-clad argument for why there is absolutely no possibility of there being any form of existence after death. Here it is: “I don’t remember anything from before I was born, so I wasn’t anything. And there is nothing after.” Well hell . . . I don’t remember yesterday and he can’t remember 5 minutes ago. So, based on his logic I was born yesterday and he doesn’t even exist.

Security by LEGO

Yes, I did leave my robe on the floor at the end of the bed and my shoes at the top of the stairs. It’s a strategic mess. When the kids were little, I discovered the best home security protection against intruders was LEGOS on the floor. I don’t have small children anymore but if someone breaks into my house he’s going to break his neck unless he turns on lights. Either way, I’ll have plenty of time to call the police, plus a blood trail for them to follow.